Who Is Black Pegasus?

Black Pegasus (Black P) Is Colorado’s most accredited solo, underground, hip hop legend. 
Robert Houston II (born March 24th, 1980) known professionally as Black Pegasus, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, recording studio owner and entrepreneur. Pegasus is regarded as one of the most influential independent rappers to ever come out of Colorado. 
Born on a military base in Germany and raised in Colorado Springs. Pegasus initially gained recognition as a rapper following the release of his debut album, Black Pegasus, in early 2004. Intent on further pursuing a musical career, he went on to release two additional albums, Knuckle Up (2005) and F**k Yo Radio (2006) both to critical acclaim, after signing to LA Underground in 2006.
Pegasus released his studio album, The Black Mexican, in 2008. His next album, Black By Popular demand (2010). Moving into more aggressive themes, 2011 Brass Knuckle King earned Black Pegasus Best Colorado Rapper Awards all over the state. His YMP album (2013) then “Flobama” album 2015 drew critical acclaim in the underground scene. Robert Houston (2017), became his most popular album to date. In 2018 Pegasus was the official voice for the Denver Nuggets commercials and themes on tv. Back to the lab Black P recorded and released Pandemic Proof (2020). Black Fumes (2021) was released during the global pandemic tackling controversial topics like shutdowns and masks. 
His longevity is proof of his work ethic. Get use to Black Pegasus!